Sammy Rogers

Sammy Rogers

Poole, Dorset

I have been driving a class one artic for 11years

Working for KC Transport takes me all over Europe. From France, all the way up to the north of Norway, down the the south of Spain and Italy. And as east as Estonia and Romania

Scariest moment was in Germany, a truck in front of me had a blowout, causing the truck to go across the Carriageway taking out 2 cars and almost taking me out. Certainly got the heart racing.

Two things that wind me up on the road is cyclists, when they have a cycle path and don’t use it, and instead ride in front of me. And caravans parking in hgv spaces in the services.

The job has been in me from birth. My dad is a driver. I have been brought up in the Transport industry. Couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love the job, nothing compares to driving a truck.

The best truck I have had the privilege of driving apart from the one I have now was for Daren Wills, DW58 DAF or as known as Harbour Lights. Daf XF105 460.

I couldn’t be more thankful to Kevin who owns KC, he put me though my class 1. And took me on when I was 20 and has sent me to some cracking places. And my dad of course as he has taught me everything I know.

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